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Community Air Born Revival

Community Air Born Revival

Apostle Charles Goodwin                                                            Apostle Margie L. Gallman
     Jars of Clay Ministry                                                            Triumphant Praises International

Mark 16:15 

Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to  all creation.

            "Commission To Transforming Lives For The Kingdom of God"
                                                                Nov. 8th-18th 5:00PM Daily 405 West Columbia, SC 29169                                   
Praising God on day two. Witnessing signs and wonders through the preached Word.

Rebuilding the Waste City Isaiah 61:4

   JOCM 10th Annual  Balance Marriage Retreat

Friday Dec. 4th @ 7:00PM

Come and Experience the Miracle in a Marriage 

405 North Line St. West Columbia, SC 29169
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