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IN  2020

 9th Annual Continuing Faith Campmeeting



                                Wed. July 29th- Fri. 31st

Prayer Seminar Daily @ 10:00 AM 

 In our prayer session we will learn how to successfully communicate with God; get answers in prayer and learn how to fellowship and build a true relationship with Go . We will gain knowledge to that Prayer is our weapon of Power.  

Healing Seminar Daily @ 11:30 AM

 Our healing session is design to help individuals gain understanding of healing and how to receive their personal healing through the teaching of Gods word it belong to us. That it might be fulfill which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying , Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.  Matthew 8:17

Continuing Faith Teaching Nightly @ 7:00 PM

Our Continuing Faith nightly teaching will ignite you to walk worthy of who God called you to be through the Word of truth. We learn that life through the scriptures build you inwardly to continue walking in the faith. Acts 14:22 

This Years 2020 Speakers

  Apostle Charles Goodwin

Senior Pastor of Jars of Clay Ministry. God gave a mandate to start what is known as our 9th Annual Continuing Faith Camp Meeting. He truly believes that faith is in the now and we have to know how to get faith to continue in the faith. 

Apostle Goodwin taught Wednesday  and Thursday during our Healing Seminar , and Wednesday evening at 7:00 he taught The Continuing Faith Session Developing A Bold Faith". John 4:4-23

1st Lady Felicia Goodwin

1st Lady Goodwin displayed the integrity of  Christ Power as she facilitated the Word of Truth Thursday Night with her message "Having A Bold Faith".

Apostle Margie L. Gallman

Apostle Gallman is the overseer of Triumphant Praises Church International, Revival Center Northeast, Greater Works Ministry, Refreshing Life Ministry. She open for us Wednesday morning with our Prayer Seminar and  blessed us mightily. She compiled all the ingredients we needed to receive our healing during the final day of our Healing Seminar. The Prophets Anointing overcame the evening service with a presence that came over our Noonday service and blessed us greatly.

Pastor Tarshia Castellano

Pastor Castellano came with a force and a power in such a way that the Prayer Seminar was full of energy and laughter as she educate us in prayer.

Pastor Linda Tucker

Pastor Linda is a member of Jars of Clay Ministry. She build our faith in the area of Miracles Through Prayer.

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